Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't the FDA logo be printed on the packaging?

If the FDA logo is printed, it will be recognized by the custom as a”medical category”, and it is necessary to provide medical qualifications such as”medical device registration certificate”, while KN95 is non-medical standard, just declare according to GB2626-2006 and EN149 non-medical standard

Why can the CE mark be printed on the packaging?

Because the custom has professional knowledge, you can quickly identify the”non-medical”standard and the”medical” standard through the EN149 and EN14683 standard codes. Taking the implementation standard of CE certification on the packaging of EN149: 2001+A1: 2009 can be declared as”non-medical”

Why is non-medical marked on the packaging?

Because most of freight forwarding companies cannot recognize whether GB2626-2006 or EN146 are non-medical standard, so Chinese written “non-medical” or English written “non-medical” on the packaging can make unprofessional freight forwarding companies identify the difference and reduce communication cost and avoid unneccessary misunderstanding

What must show on the certificate?

The certificate of conformity to the requirements of customs inspection must have the product name, specifications and models, implementation standards, material composition, production date, production batch number, and Expiration date, manufacturer company name, production address, manufacturers contact information, stamp:

Why does KN95 not need commodity inspection?

According to the 19 HS-coded commodities involved in the Customs Announcement No 53, only medical products need to be inspected for export commodities, so they belong to the non-medical category, other KN95 is not required commodity inspection